We will be pleased to provide detailed and non-binding offers as soon as we have sight of your texts or basic parameters. Send us an email or give us a call.

The prices for our language services vary and depend on a multitude of factors.

For interpreting assignments, we generally charge a flat rate. This includes the cost of preparing for the assignment and often also the cost of travel time to the job location.

Prices for translations are based on the degree of difficulty of the text and the editability of files. Additional costs may be incurred, for example, in the case of documents requiring graphics work after translation, such as PowerPoint presentations, flyers, websites, DTP formats (e.g. InDesign) etc.

Rates for terminology work depend on the material that the customer is able to supply: e.g. old translations, translation memories, glossaries etc. Furthermore, prices are dependent on the format in which the terminology needs to be delivered.

For express orders (within 24 hours or at weekends), a surcharge of between 25 and 75% will be levied - cooperation agreements excluded. This surcharge is required for scheduling translators at short notice, and for additional night and weekend work.

Prices are determined by:

  • level of difficulty
  • languages
  • editability of files
  • deadlines