Understand and be understood


At events with international guests we ensure that everyone is properly understood. We are pleased to arrange the necessary conferencing equipment.
For meetings with your foreign partners and customers we organise liaison interpreters who will work closely with you to make your negotiations a success.
Our professional interpreters have worked reliably and successfully on the international market for many years. They are publicly appointed and sworn and are thus competent to translate and interpret in court, notary’s offices and in matters involving the authorities.

We are available:

  • as simultaneous interpreters at specialist conferences
  • as consecutive interpreters (speaking alternately with the speaker) during speeches and small-scale events
  • as escort interpreters (including with mobile simultaneous interpreting equipment) during business negotiations or visits
  • as interpreters in court and for public services


We adopt the right tone


Be it a specialist or marketing text, the translation must accurately reproduce the content and adopt the right tone. Specialist knowledge and intercultural communication are the priority here.
In the case of contractual texts, familiarity with the legal framework in both the source and target languages is vital in order to be able to find good translations for terms that may not be defined in the country of the target language.
Technical translations require the translator to have a lot of background knowledge, expertise and the ability to become acquainted with complex subjects. Not all cylinders are alike - it depends on the context.
That is why we use native speakers who are able to demonstrate extensive professional experience to translate your texts. Our working languages include all European languages and Arabic. Good translators always ensure that they express not only what is written, but also what is meant. The “second set of eyes” principle, i.e. proofreading by a second translator or expert, is part of our service as a matter of course.

Among others, we translate texts from the following areas of specialisation:

  • science and technology
  • law, finance - including translations that can be used in court
  • marketing, public relations
  • higher education and training

Our translations can be found in:

  • user manuals, service regulations, guidelines
  • specialist magazines
  • annual reports
  • certified translations of documents
  • websites and PowerPoint presentations
  • contracts and quotations


Never be lost for words


Over recent years, globalisation and foreign language skills have become ever more inextricably linked. Don’t be deterred! Languages can be learned at any time.
We offer teaching formats that are tailored to your needs and sector that make (specialist) English language skills a useful tool for your company and its staff on a lasting basis. You can choose between individual and group tuition as well as face-to-face training in your offices or our classrooms.
The outcome is that our participants can put what they have learned into practice immediately in their everyday working lives, thus achieving their work objectives more quickly. Invest in dedicated employees who will soon be able to present themselves with more confidence and identify with your company language.

Here is a small selection:

  • basic and advanced courses in general English
  • compact and intensive courses in English for special purposes
  • preparation for deployments abroad

Our customers include companies in the following sectors:

  • energy
  • telecommunications
  • public administration and politics
Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking. Warren Buffett


Terminology is at the very core of technical translation. If not already provided by you, we will produce your own in-house terminology. This enables us to achieve a high level of consistency and quality, even in complex translation projects.
On a day-to-day basis we mainly use glossaries or greatly simplified forms of terminology database. TECH GmbH bases its efforts on applicable, practical terminology work and offers your company individual solutions to achieve this.
We analyse your texts and extract the terminology that you yourselves have already created for your translations over the course of time. We will also be pleased to compile up-to-date terminology for you.

We will check and standardise your terminology:

  • analysis of source texts and existing translations
  • conversion of existing data sources
  • work with terminology databases such as MultiTerm
  • on request use of Access, Excel or Word tables